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We welcome Hall to our Hall. "Bad" Joe Hall and Pierre Pilote are inducted into our Honoured Members wing. William Northey is inducted in the Builders wing. And Charles Coleman is inducted in the contributors wing.

Committee chair Morey Holzman was not thrilled with Northey's selection. "The more research I did into the Montreal Arena Company and the machinations between Northey, Calder and the Toronto Hockey Club, the more I disliked the man. Alan Eagleson's a saint compared to Northey, but a stupid saint – Eagleson got caught."
Joe Pelletier was non-plussed, and pushed for Northey's induction from the beginning.
"I think we are really missing the boat by not electing this 1947 HHOF builder inductee. He was instrumental in the development of hockey in Montreal and creating the Allan cup and Canadian Hockey Association," Pelletier said.

"The Allan Cup was donated by Sir H. Montagu Allan, but it was William Northey that spearheaded the movement of the once proudly coveted trophy that still is competed for today.

"The Stanley Cup, when it was an amateur trophy, saw proceeds from the games to the teams, thus leading to abuses of the principles of amateurism as clubs gathered star players from all parts of the country, regardless of cost, knowing that if they got into a Stanley Cup series their share of the receipts would take care of the extra expenses in building up a championship team.

"William Northey saw what was good and pure in this game, and tried to keep it that way. Northey remained active with the Allan Cup, serving as trustee. He was also instrumental in the formation of the Canadian Hockey Association in 1914, serving as the first chairman of the organization. The CHA was Canada's first governing body of amateur hockey, and has grown into a significant force over the years."


Joe Hall
  Pierre Pilote


William Northey    


Charles Coleman    

Here are the final results:

Hall, Joe 17
Lehman, Hugh 12
Foyston, Frank 11
Reardon, Ken 11
Chabot, Lorne 8
Shuvalov, Victor 8
Stuart, Hod 7
Broadbent, Harry "Punch" 6

Pilote, Pierre 18
Olmstead, Bert 13
Pronovost, Marcel 13
Alexandrov, Veniamin 12
Sologubov, Nikolay 11
Drobny, Jaroslav 8
Davydov, Vitaly 7
Armstrong, George 4
Provost, Claude 3
Duff, Dick 2
Evans, Jack "Tex" 0
Goyette, Phil 0
Hay, Jim 0
Konovalenko, Viktor 0
Marshall, Don 0
Pronovost, Andre 0

Northey, William 15
Imlach, George 13
Muldoon, Pete 11
Kennedy, George 10

Coleman, Charles 16
Cote, Will 10
Eagleson, Alan 8
Ferguson, Elmer 6

Richard, Maurice 13
Blake, Toe 9
Creighton, James 8