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Due to confusion in the Builders category, Chair Morey Holzman changed the requirements. Starting with the 1956 election, all Builders had to be elected in another category before being eligible in the Builders category.

"There were too many committee members who were using the same definition that the real Hall uses, and that created confusion," said Holzman. "What I was trying to achieve was a second tier of people, so that if a new person was trying to learn about the sport's history, they could go to these 12 or 15 people and know they were most important. I know some committee members did not like this clarification, stating it created second-class status to a number of enshrines, but I felt that people like Wayne Gretzky and Lester Patrick should be elevated, lest they be forgotten by future generations."

All the previous candidates in the Builders category were moved to the Executives category for the 1956 election. Now, an elected member would have to be nominated by someone from the committee to be considered a Builder.

Bill Durnan finally earned his due when he received 16 votes.



Here is how the final voting went:

Cameron, H 11
Smith, T 11
Chabot, Lorne 8
Worters, Roy "Shrimp" 8
Bain 6
Dunderdale 5
Grant, Mike 5
Hall, Joe 5
McGee, Frank 4
Pulford, Harvey 4
Hern, Riley 3
Laviolette 3
Lehman 3
Mantha, Sylvio 3
Stuart, H 3
Holmes 2
Prodgers 2
Russell, E 2
Simpson 2
Bailey, Ace 1
Boucher, G 1
Campbell, L 1
Darragh, J 1
Griffis 1

Durnan, Bill 16
Blake, Toe 13
Malecek, Josef 12
Cowley, Bill 9
Schriner, Sweeney 9
Howe, Syd 8
Cook, Bun 6
Barry, Marty 3
Reardon, Kenny 3
Aurie, Larry 2
Drillon, Gordie 2
Weiland, Cooney 2
Barilko, Bill 1
Bruneteau, Mud 1
Colville, Neil 1
Hextall, Bryan 1
Karakas, Mike 1
Orlando, Jimmy 1
Patrick, Lynn 1
Finnigan, Frank 1
Gagnon, Johnny 1


Creighton 12
Hewitt, Foster 11
Day, Clarence "Hap" 9
Northey, William 9
Stanley, F 7
Livingstone, Ed 6
Kennedy, George 6
Shore, Eddie 5
Hartley 5
Calder, F 4
Muldoon 4
Patton 3
Taylor 3
Brown, George 2
Gibson, Jack 2
Hart 2
Cotton, Harold "Baldy" 1