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Special thanks to people I used to work with on independent, broadcast, or corporate and educational productions:

  • to Jan Roberts-Breslin, Sanjeev Chatterjee, Donald Fry and all my professors at Emerson College who not only taught me the skills but brought me to the genre of independent productions
  • To my college partner Alex Staikos with whom we worked on so many independent programs.
  • to my former bosses Tom Hamelin, Mabel Whelpley and all folks from BUMC who helped me immensely when I entered the world of corporate and educational productions
  • to Alexander Akopov, Alexander Maslyakov, Alexey Yazlovky, Andrei Knyshev and all of the Dream Team that I worked with in theater and broadcast productions
  • to my professor Yoakim Sharoyev and all faculty of GITIS that taught me directing and acting
  • and, of course, to my wife Sue who inspired me to whatever good I did in the motion pictures industry

Please note that this is not an Academy Award acceptance speech but my tribute to all great people, partners, co-workers, bosses, friends, supporters that I can't even imagine to be able to list in this section of the site. Without them, those productions would have never been made.


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