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Independent Productions

My next stop in the motion pictures industry after broadcasting programs was documentary making and independent productions.

Documentary is a creative treatment of reality… This great definition is not mine. Those are the words of legendary John Grierson, one of the pioneers of the art of documentary filmmaking. I guess there are many reasons for bringing people into this genre. Most of the time, it is not money making. In fact, very few filmmakers became wealthy doing documentaries.

As for me, I can't claim that I am an exception. I don't really know what brought me into documentary making. Maybe, it was because of the great teachers that I had at Emerson College. Maybe, it was because of my fascination with the films by Dziga Vertov, Richard Leacock, Barbara Copple, Ken Burns and many others. Maybe, it was an idealistic desire to say something that can't be really said on commercial networks driven by ratings and profits. Or maybe there were some other reasons that got me involved into making documentaries.

Anyway, this is probably the genre I miss the most after getting involved in web development full time and this 30 FPS section presents a mini showcase featuring some of my independent productions.


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