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Corporate Productions

For over three years, I was involved in the corporate TV productions. My production reel of that time included over 200 industrial, training and marketing programs. For some reason, the majority consider this genre boring. In a way, it's true. We all have to take care of paying our bills. That's life. However, I still believe a lot depends on the approach of the producers who make these programs.

Although there is a significant difference between these markets, I used a lot of my broadcast and independent programs experience for corporate productions. Corporate productions is a "narrowcasting". Compared to commercial broadcasting, you don't have to target national audiences or worry about the ratings of your program. In a way, national ratings and the audience are an abstract phenomenon. You don't have to deal with your viewers face to face. Very often as a broadcast producer, you have a very little knowledge on how your program will really impacts your audience. The challenging and exciting part for me was to deal directly with the corporate clients and to see how the audience react to my productions.

As for independent productions, I guess documentary making influenced my style of corporate productions. I used a lot of POV type of shots, informal interviews, not "canned" action footage and creative montage of the content.

Overall, it was a good opportunity to apply my technical skills in studio and field programs, camera work and editing, designing custom graphics and learning emerging non-linear techniques. In a way, corporate productions led me from strictly TV and video to the world of multimedia and web design and development.


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