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Web designers think browsers and pixels.

TV people think FPS.
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30 frames per second

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About 30 FPS

30 FPS stands for 30 frames per seconds. This is a rate that all TV shows run at in the United States. Comedies and mysteries, PBS and MTV clips, Barbara Walters specials and Jerry Springer shows. They all run at 30 frames per second.

Before getting involved in web development, for over 10 years I was doing independent filmmaking and broadcast programs, corporate and educational productions. I loved motion pictures and was lucky to work with great people. At that time, I was used to measure my life in frames per second. I was thinking FPS.

30 FPS is about motion pictures I worked on in these years. You may follow the 30 FPS tour directions below or select specific sections within this section of the Digital Me-Mix web site.


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