The Summit in 1974
World 72-79



"Miracles on Ice of the Decade"
USA 1980
WO'80 USSR 3  USA 4
WC'79 USSR 11 CSSR 1
WC'78 Finland 3 E. Germany 4
WC'77 USA 4 Romania 5
WC'76 USSR 4 Poland 6
WO'76 USA 1 W.Germany 4













 Winter Olympics and World Championships

Country Year Gold Silver Bronze
Sweden WC'70 USSR Sweden Czechoslovakia
Switzerland WC'71 USSR Czechoslovakia Sweden
Japan WO'72 USSR USA Czechoslovakia
Czechoslovakia WC'72 Czechoslovakia USSR Sweden
USSR WC'73 USSR Sweden Czechoslovakia
Finland WC'74 USSR Czechoslovakia Sweden
West Germany WC'75 USSR Czechoslovakia Sweden
Austria WO'76 USSR Czechoslovakia West Germany
Poland WC'76 Czechoslovakia USSR Sweden
Austria WC'77 Czechoslovakia Sweden USSR
Czechoslovakia WC'78 USSR Czechoslovakia Canada
USSR WC'79 USSR Spartak Sweden

IIHF: WC Three Best Players

Year Goaltenders Defensemen Forwards
1970 Ylonen (Finland) Svedberg (Sweden) Maltsev (USSR)
1971 Holecek (CSSR) Suchy (CSSR) Firsov (USSR)
1972 Valtonen (Finland) Pospisil (CSSR)
Koskela (Finland)
Maltsev (USSR)
1973 Holecek (CSSR) Vasiliev (USSR) Mikhailov (USSR)
1974 Tretiak (USSR) Sjoberg (Sweden) Nedomansky (CSSR)
1975 Holecek (CSSR) Marjamaki (Finland) Yakushev (USSR)
1976 Holecek (CSSR) Pospisil (CSSR) Martinec (CSSR)
1977 Hogosta (Sweden) Vasiliev (USSR) Balderis (USSR)
1978 Holecek (CSSR) Fetisov (USSR) Dionne (Canada)
1979 Tretiak (USSR) Vasiliev (USSR) Mikhailov (USSR)

Best Scorers (Points)

Year Award Winner | Country PTS (G+A)
WC'70 Alexander Maltsev, USSR 21 (15+6)
WC'71 Anatoly Firsov, USSR 19 (11+8)
WO'72 Valery Kharlamov, USSR 16 (9+7)
WC'72 Alexander Maltsev, USSR 22 (10+12)
WC'73 Vladimir Petrov, USSR 34 (18+16)
WC'74 Boris Mikhailov, USSR 17 (9+8)
WC'75 Victor Shalimov, USSR 19 (11+8)
WO'76 Vladimir Shadrin, USSR 10 (6+4)
WC'76 Vladimir Martinec, Czechoslovakia 20 (9+11)
WC'77 Vladimir Petrov, USSR 21 (7+14)
WC'78 Erik Kuhnhackl, West Germany 16 (8+8)
WC'79 Vladimir Petrov, USSR 15 (7+8)
WO'80 Milan Novy, Czechoslovakia 15 (7+8)

Best Scorers (Goals)

Year Award Winner | Country Goals
WC'70 Alexander Maltsev, USSR 15
WC'71 Anatoly Firsov, USSR 11
WO'72 Valery Kharlamov, USSR 9
WC'72 Vladimir Vikulov, USSR 12
WC'73 Vladimir Petrov, USSR 18
WC'74 Sergey Kapustin, USSR
Vaclav Nedomansky, Czechoslovakia
WC'75 Thomas Lundstrem, Sweden
Victor Shalimov, USSR
Alexander Yakushev, USSR
WO'76 Vladimir Shadrin, USSR 6
WC'76 Vladimir Martinec, Czechoslovakia
Milan Novy, Czechoslovakia
Jiri Novak, Czechoslovakia
WC'77 Boris Mikhailov, USSR 12
WC'78 Helmut Balderis, USSR
Marcel Dionne, Canada
Boris Mikhailov, USSR
WC'79 Sergey Makarov, USSR 8
WO'80 Jaroslav Pouzar, Czechoslovakia 8

WC All Stars

Year Award Winners | Team
1970 Holmqvist (SWE); Svedberg (SWE) - Suchy (CZE);
Nedomansky (CZE) - Maltsev (SOV) - Firsov (SOV)
1971 Holecek (CZE); Suchy (CZE) - Koskela (FIN);
Maltsev (SOV) - Firsov (SOV) - Vikulov (SOV)
1972 Holecek (CZE); Machac (CZE) - Pospisil (CZE);
Vikulov (SOV) - Maltsev (SOV) - Kharlamov (SOV)
1973 Holecek (CZE); B. Salming (SWE)- Gusev (SOV);
Mikhailov (SOV) - Petrov (SOV) - Kharlamov (SOV)
1974 Larsson (SWE); Sjoberg (SWE) - Vasiliev (SOV);
Martinec (CZE) - Nedomansky (CZE) - Yakushev (SOV)
1975 Tretiak (SOV); Vasiliev (SOV) - Marjamaki (FIN);
Martinec (CZE) - Petrov (SOV) - Yakushev (SOV)
1976 Holecek (CZE); Waltin (SWE) - Pospisil (CZE);
Martinec (CZE) - Novy (CZE) - Kharlamov (SOV)
1977 Hogosta (SWE) - Pospisil (CZE) - Vasiliev (SOV);
Balderis (SOV) - Petrov (SOV) - Martinec (CZE)
1978 Holecek (CZE); Bubla (CZE)- Fetisov (SOV);
Maltsev (SOV) - Hlinka (CZE) - Kapustin (SOV)
1979 Tretiak (SOV); Bubla (CZE) - Vasiliev (SOV);
Mikhailov (SOV) - Petrov (SOV) - Kharlamov (SOV)






The Summit in 1974