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 Mini-WCs in Moscow, Russia

Sponsored by the Izvestia Daily newspaper in Russia, the Izvestia Cup was an anual international tournament held in late December. The first Cup took place in 1967. Due to its popularity, the Izvestia Cup soon became known as a "mini World Championship" played between the top national teams. By many accounts, it was called a "winter rehearsal" for the World Championship in the spring.

Because of financial difficulties, the tournament changed its sponsorship and became the Baltica Cup in 1997.

 Izvestia Cup Winners

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1970 Czechoslovakia USSR Sweden
1971 USSR Czechoslovakia Finland
1972 USSR Czechoslovakia Sweden
1973 USSR Czechoslovakia Finland
1974 USSR Czechoslovakia Sweden
1975 USSR Czechoslovakia Sweden
1976 USSR Sweden Czechoslovakia
1977 Czechoslovakia USSR Sweden
1978 USSR Czechoslovakia Canada
1979 USSR Czechoslovakia Finland
1980 USSR Czechoslovakia Finland

Best Players Awards

Year Goaltenders Defensemen Forwards
1970 Tkacz (Poland) Pospisil (CSSR) Vikulov (USSR)
1971 Valtonen (Finland) Pospisil (CSSR) Vikulov (USSR)
1972 Kosyl (Poland) Machac (CSSR) Petrov (USSR)
1973 Holecek (CSSR) Gusev (USSR) Kharlamov (USSR)
1975 Hogosta (Sweden) Pospisil (CSSR) Shadrin (USSR)
1976 Daley (Canada) Machac (CSSR) Mikhailov (USSR)
1977 Holecek (CSSR) Marjamaki (Finland)
Bernier (Canada)
Mikhailov (USSR)
Hlinka (CSSR)
Gradin (Sweden)
1978 Tretiak (USSR) Bubla (CSSR) Kapustin (USSR)
1979 Kivelaa (Finland) Pervukhin (USSR) Martinec (CSSR)
1980 Tretiak (USSR) Ruotsalainen (Finland) Kokrment (CSSR)

Best Scorers

Year Goaltenders Goals
1970 Vladimir Vikulov (USSR) 6
1971 Vladimir Vikulov (USSR) 6
1972 Vladimir Petrov (USSR) 12
1973 Boris Mikhailov (USSR) 9
1974 Milan Novy (Czechoslovakia) 14
1975 Valery Kharlamov (USSR) 7
1976 Boris Mikhailov (USSR) 6
1977 Viacheslav Anisin (USSR)
Valery Kharlamov (USSR)
1978 Antero Lehtonen (Finland) 7
1979 Vladimir Martinec (CSSR) 8
1980 Victor Shalimov (USSR) 6







The Summit in 1974