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Top 10 Soviet Players of the 1970s
By the end of every season, sports journalists were selecting the Best Player of the Season in Russia. The Summit in 1974 presents its version of the Soviet MVP of the Decade based on compilation of yearly MVP polls results of 1970-1979:

 •  Top 10 Soviet Players
of the 1970s
 •  Valery Kharlamov:
Soviet MVP of the Decade

Seasons - number of the seasons by each player on the yearly MVP charts;
Points - 20 points for the 1st place and 1 point for the 20th place on the yearly MVP charts


USSR 1970-1979: MVP of the Decade

 Top 10 Soviet Players of the 1970s

Player | Position | Club | Points | Seasons on the 1970-79 MVP charts
 1. Valery Kharlamov LW, CSKA Moscow 169/10
Brilliant offensive talent, master of unforgettable hockey moves, was equally impressive in the aggressive Canadian and elegant European style games. His hockey skills and personal charisma made him a role model for generations of Russian players to come.
 2. Vladislav Tretiak G, CSKA Moscow 160/9
One of the best goaltenders in world hockey ever and, by all means, the best "made-in-Russia" netminder of all time. Incredibly consistent and focused, charismatic master of acrobatic saves in the net.
 3. Alexander Maltsev RW/C, Dynamo Moscow 149/9
Magician of hockey improvizations, speedy skater, brilliant playmaker and goal scorer, he was a universal player, played wings and center, and was able to develop phenomenal chemistry on any line he was assigned to play on.
 4. Boris Mikhailov RW, CSKA Moscow 128/8
The toughest Soviet player ever. King of rebounds and all time scoring leader of Russian Elite League. For almost a decade, he was a leader and captain of Team USSR and Red Army club.
 5. Vladimir Vikulov RW, CSKA Moscow 103/8
One of the best Russian playmakers of the 1970s, slick stick-handler and tactician, accurate passer and sniper, mastered European style hockey, not as impressive vs. hard-hitting Canadian style hockey and not as fast as most of his teammates.
 6. Vladimir Petrov C, CSKA Moscow 91/7
Equally effective offensively and defensively, centered the best Soviet line of the decade, had a blasting slapshot, impressive team player with incredible chemistry with Mikhailov and Kharlamov.
 7. Valery Vasiliev D, Dynamo Moscow 87/7
Never forgiving bodychecker and effective hardhitter, the toughest Soviet blueliner of all time. Mastered accurate passing and shooting too, captained Soviets after Mikhailov's retirement.
 8. Alexander Yakushev LW, Spartak Moscow 78/5
On and off the ice gentleman, fast and powerful with a blasting slapshot, nicknamed "Big Yak" in Canada and quiet often compared to Frank Mahovlich. One of the best Soviets to challenge Canadian goaltenders ever.
 9. Helmut Balderis RW, CSKA, Dynamo Riga 73/6
Fascinating wizard of offense. The fastest Soviet player ever. Gracious skater and puck carrier, top-notch sniper. Mastered amazing goal scoring short cuts with one-on-one break away vs. goaltenders. Was less effective defensively. The Flower of Soviet hockey.
10. Vladimir Shadrin C, Spartak Moscow 65/6
One of the best Soviet two-way players ever, unmatched master of penalty killing, exceedingly consistent and reliable in both ends of the ice, captained Spartak Moscow in their rivalry vs. mighty CSKA. Played most of his career with Alexander Yakushev. Wasn't as visually crowd pleasing as his partners but had few if any bad games in his career.





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