The Summit in 1974



All-Time Top 10 Best European Players
Selected by The Best of Hockey (1997)


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Russia Bure

Pavel Bure, 1986-present
C, CSKA/Vancouver/Florida/NYR
High-speed center nicknamed the "Russian Rocket"

Russia Fetisov

Slava Fetisov, 1977-1998
D, CSKA/New Jersey/Detroit
"The Bobby Orr of Soviet Hockey"

Czechoslovakia Hasek

Dominik Hasek, 1981-2002
G, Tesla/Chicago/Buffalo/Detroit
Brilliant goalie with an unorthodox style

Czechoslovakia Jagr

Jaromir Jagr, 1990-present
C, Kladno/Pittsburg/Washington
Big, strong, exceedingly creative with the puck

Russia Kharlamov

Valery KHARLAMOV*, 1967-1981
Creative genius, the Soviet Union's best player ever

Finland Kurri

Jari Kurri, 1977-1998
RW, Jokerit/Edmonton/Los Angeles/ NYR/Anaheim/Colorado
One of the greatest players ever to skate in the NHL

Sweden Fetisov

Kent Nilsson, 1975-1997
C, Djurgarden/AIK/Winnipeg/Atlanta/
Tall, smooth-skating center, played with finesse

Sweden B. Salming

Borje Salming, 1970-1989
D, Brynas/Toronto/Detroit
Smooth-skating offensive defenseman

Czechoslovakia P. Stastny

Peter Stastny, 1974-1995
C, Bratislava/Quebec/New Jersey/St. Louis
Brilliant scorer, defected from Czechoslovakia to play in the NHL

Russia Tretiak

Vladislav TRETIAK*, 1968-1984
Acrobatic goaltender, the first Soviet player inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame

* Participated in the USSR vs. Canada Summit 1974.
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The Summit in 1974