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Golden Lines of the Soviet Hockey
Listed as left wing-center-right wing

The following list is based on the publication by the veterans of Russian sports journalism, Leonid Trakhtenberg and Anatoly Bochinin for the Sport Express Daily (Russia, 2002) The lines are listed in chronological order of their appearance with the Team USSR and Russian elite league.

Vsevolod Bobrov-Viktor Shuvalov-Yevgeny Babich
Team USSR and Red Army club, 1950s

"It was the best line in the history of Russian hockey - simply because the best Soviet sports personality of the 20th century, Vsevolod Bobrov played in it" (Bochinin). Unique puck carrying, "five-foot-long" arms, unmatched skating made Bobrov the King of the GAME. Shuvalov was famous for his blasting shot and Babich for his wicked speed.

Veniamin Alexandrov-Alexander Almetov-Konstantin Loktev
Team USSR and CSKA, 1960s

In terms of line chemistry and look-and-feel, this was probably the strongest line in the Soviet hockey.

Yevgeny Mayorov-Viacheslav Starshinov-Boris Mayorov
Team USSR and Spartak Moscow, 1960s

The best line in the history of Moscow Spartak and in the world in the late 1960s. Starshinov's line was famous for their aggressive style. Starshinov and, especially, Boris Mayorov loved to fight. Yevegeny Mayorov was more laid-back than his partners.

Alexander Yakushev-Vladimir Shadrin-Victor Yaroslavtsev
Team USSR and Spartak Moscow, 1960s

This line where Yaroslavtsev was later replaced with Yevgeny Zimin continued the Starshinov's troyka traditions. Yakushev was a copycat of Bobrov. Lond legs, long hands... The best European and North American defensemen couldn't stop him. Alexander was an extremely friendly and kind person, never turned down any requests from journalists.

Valery Kharlamov-Vladimir Petrov-Boris Mikhailov
Team USSR and CSKA, late 1960s to late 1970s

In terms of rankings, they were probably the second all-time best line in the history of Russian hockey. Kharlamov is simply unforgettable. For his hockey talent and mastery, he is next to Bobrov. Hockey aristocrat Kharlamov was completed by agressive king of rebounds, Mikhailov and by Petrov whose blasting slapshot caught many top world goaltenders off guard.

Vladimir Krutov-Igor Larionov-Sergei Makarov
Team USSR and CSKA, 1980s.

They continued the golden run by their predecessors. They knew no compromise - only forward, only attack, who cares about defense! "Somehow they reminded me Almetov's line" (Bochinin)





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