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The Summit in 1974: SEVEN SEASONS

 Seven Seasons: 1972-1979

This section of The Summit in 1974 project is intended to serve as a historical snapshot of world hockey development in the 1970s.

Packed with hockey statistics, best-of-the-best lists, overviews and various opinions by hockey experts, the Seven Seasons showcases detailed overviews of the WHA, Soviet and International hockey in the 1970s.

 The Best of the Decade: 1970-1979

Best Hockey Lines
- Hockey Hall of Fame Members
- Top 100 Players of the 20th Century

   :: All-Time Top 50 Lists:
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  Games | PIMs
  :: Team Canada 1974 in:
- Hockey Hall of Fame Members
- All-Time Top 100 NHL Players

   Russian Hall of Fame
   IIHF Hall of Fame Members
   Top 10 Soviet MVPs of the Decade
   Team USSR Head Coaches, 1954-2003
   :: All-Time Top Lists:
- Top 10 Players From Russia by THN
- Top 10 Soviets at the Olympics by IIHF
- Top 10 Best European Players
   :: Top USSR Elite League Scoring Lists:
- Top 100 All Time USSR Elite League Scorers
- Fetisov's Club: Top USSR Elite League Scoring Defensemen
   :: Top Team USSR Scoring Lists:
- Bobrov's Club: 250+ Top Scorers
- Top 75 All Time Soviet/Russian Scorers
- All-Time Top National Team Scorers
- Sologubov's Club: Top USSR Scoring Defensemen




The Summit in 1974