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Showbusiness World Wide Hockey Hall of Fame
The results of a year long project to recreate hockey's Hall of Fame.

----- April 2004 ----------------

Showbusiness The Summit in 1974
The latest updates for the new historical projects about legendary series between Team Canada and USSR.

Showbusiness Super Series 1976-77
Team USSR vs. the best WHA clubs.

----- March 2004 ----------------

SidelnikovTeam USSR players in the NHL
Awards, achievements, stats of the Soviet players' that went on to play in the NHL.

----- February 2004 ----------------

SidelnikovHockey CCCP International
The most complete on-line reference source on all national Team USSR international games, tournaments, players, coaches and more.

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SidelnikovChallenge Cup 1979
Instead of the regular mid-season '79 NHL All Stars game, Team NHL was challenged by the Soviet national team in this historical tournament.

by Various Contributors
Selected unedited quotes and sayings by and about hockey personalities with NO COMMENTS.

by Mike Wyman
"He's got 5 Cups. I've only got 4," said surprised Gordie Howe on the fact that Tremblay wasn't already enshrined in the HHoF.

TremblayShadrin Has Scored For Russia!
by Kevin Sylvester
What was the real call for THE GOAL by Foster Hewitt? And how did the '72 Summit change Don Cherry's tune? Kevin Sylvester says it all in his book.

SidelnikovSuper Series 1975-76
CSKA and Krylya Sovetov Moscow in a historical tournament vs. top NHL clubs of the 1970s.

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SidelnikovHockey Retrospective @
Presenting an educational multimedia library of mini clips featuring unforgettable historical moments, hockey legends, commentaries and game analysis by guest speakers including legendary players, coaches and sports writers.

----- June 2003 ----------------

Tarasov and Chernyshev Team USSR: All Head Coaches, 1954-2003
The Summit in 1974 presents an independent historical overview of all Russian head coaches' performance in the top international tournaments.

SidelnikovJune 24, 2003: Team USSR 1972 goaltender and Russian Hall of Famer, Alexander SIDELNIKOV died at 53 in Arkhangelsk, Russia.

Tarasov and Chernyshev Tarasov and Chernyshev
by Boris Mayorov
The Summit in 1972 features a unique view on the legendary coaches by the Team USSR insider of the 1960s.

Tarasov and Chernyshev Hockey vs. Hockey
by Artur Sedov
The Guest Spekers column ar the Summit in 1972 showcases an original digital artwork inspired by the dramatics of the '72 Summit Series.

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GWAMay 26 , 2003:
The Summit in 1972 is honored to receive
the 2003-2004 World Wide Web Gold Award
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Showbusiness Game Summaries
Updated summaries for all eight games between Team Canada and USSR in 1974.

----- March 2003 ----------------

Showbusiness Top 10: Best Soviet Players of the 1970s
The Summit in 1974 offers a comprehensive list of the best Russian players of the decade.

Showbusiness Valery Kharlamov : Best Player of the Decade
Fascinating Russian hockey legend dominated the list of the most valuable Soviet players of the 1970s.

----- February 2003 ----------------

Showbusiness The Best Hockey Lines
The Summit in 1974 features various views on the best lines that played hockey in Russia and North America.

----- January 2003 ----------------

Showbusiness Team USSR All-Time Best National Team Scorers
Nine members of Team USSR 1972 are being featured in the Top 25 scorers in the international games by the Soviet and Russian national teams.

Showbusiness The Summit in 1974
The latest updates for the new historical projects about legendary series between Team Canada and USSR.

----- December 2002 ----------------

ShowbusinessTwo Years Later: The Summit in 1974
The Summit in 1972 triggered a new direction in the international hockey including the '74 Summit and many fascinating world tournaments. The authors of the Summit in 1972 site are launching a new project about the international hockey in the 1970s.

----- October 2002 ----------------

ShowbusinessImpressions: Passion on Ice
by Michael Joyce
The outcome of the Series was the biggest defeat the USSR ever suffered in the sporting arena and the greatest victory in Canadian sports.

ShowbusinessImpressions: Don't Cry for Russian Hockey
by Klauss Zaugg
Can you imagine how hockey would look today if we had never had the Russians? It may sound like an oxymoron... but thank God for the Big Red Machine.

ShowbusinessIt's a Wrap
The Summit in 1972 web site celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Summit in September 2002.

Good News: More Summit'72 Participants
in the IIHF Hall of Fame

September 26, 2002
The IIHF Hall of Fame Selection Committee have announced the 2003 inductees to the IIHF Hall of Fame.

Thank You
Incomplete but sincere acknowledgements of the fans and experts who contributed in the Summit in 1972 web site.

The Summit in 1972 is honored to receive Raven Awards™ Silver Award and the Award of Merit by WD 2000 Award Program (Italy).

"CA NA DA! Ok so we're partial. This is just too good. Another example of how a talented webmaster can take a little-known subject and make a smashing website. The information is outstanding, and the presentation is just as professional. The NHL might want to give this webmaster a buzz when they decide to revamp their site. The Flash movie of game highlights was one of its high points. Summit hockey fans will want to make this their homepage; we give it our own equivalent of the Conn Smythe Trophy – the Raven Silver."
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FergusonImpressions: Father Bauer
by Craig Wallace
Player, coach, manager, Father Bauer was the key contributor to Canadian amateur and international hockey

FergusonTop Stats : Complete Statistics,
Team Canada 1972

Complete list of Team Canada players' stats in the Summit.

FergusonTop Stats : Complete Statistics,
Team USSR 1972

Complete list of Team USSR players' stats in the Summit.

The Summit in 1972 is honored to receive the Webworksite Five Star Award of Excellence and Gold Artsy Award.
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----- August 2002 --------------------

FergusonImpressions: Eagleson
Once the most powerful hockey tycoon, he was the key Canadian impresario that midwived the Summit in 1972.

TikhonovImpressions: Tikhonov
Legendary coach of the 1980s was among many scholars of the game during the Summit.

Chernyshev Impressions: Chernyshev
One of the founders of the Russian hockey did the scouting report on Team Canada 1972.

ShowbusinessImpressions: Welcome to Showbusiness, Comrades!
The first unforgettable lessons were learned prior to the first face-off of the Series.

Hockey CardsImpressions: Hockey Cards: Made in USSR
In my first hockey cards set, Phil Esposito was ranked higher than Bobby Clarke.

   On-Line References:
- "Russian Hall of Fame"

GWAAugust 18, 2002:
The Summit in 1972 is honored to receive
the 2002-2003 Golden Web Award
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----- July 2002 --------------------

CzechoslovakiaImpressions: The Summit In the History Of Russian Hockey
The series was ranked as the third most important event in the Russian hockey history of the 20th century.

   On-Line References:
- Top 20th Century Sports Lists:
Top Russian Hockey Events | Top 10 Russian Athletes | Top 10 World Athletes | Tretiak: Best Games | 20th Century Top 100 Players | Top 10 Best European Players | Top 10 Best Soviet Olympic Players

CzechoslovakiaImpressions: The Summit In the History Of Canada
Henderson's goal in Game 8 was voted as the 8th most important news event in Canadian history overall and Team Canada'72 was named the Team of the 20th Century.

   On-Line References:
- Top 20th Century Lists in Canada:
Top Teams of the 20th Century | Top 10 Canadian New Events | 20th Century Top 100 Players | Top 100 NHL Players

CzechoslovakiaImpressions: Tretiak: Best Games
The first game in Montreal was ranked as the best game by one of the best goaltenders of the 20th century.

CzechoslovakiaImpressions: Do Toho
Czechs and Slovaks cheer their teams with the "Do Toho" chant. Team CSSR of the 1970s was one of the strongest hockey competitors ever.

   On-Line References:
- Czechoslovakia 1972: Players' Info
Goalies and Defense | Forwards

SwedenSummaries: Sweden 1972 (Game 1 and Game 2)
On its way to Moscow, Team Canada played two games in Stockholm.

CzechoslovakiaSummaries: Prague 1972
After the Series was over in Moscow, Team Canada concluded its European tour with the exhibition game in Czechoslovakia.

Team Canada Impressions: Team Canada: Were Are They Now?
A quick view on current whereabouts of the legendary team players.

Team USSRImpressions: Team USSR: Were Are They Now?
A quick view on post players' careers and today whereabouts of the Soviet players.

   On-Line References:
Fetisov's Club: Top 40 Soviet/Russian Defensemen

----- June 2002 --------------------

FergusonImpressions: Ferguson
One of the toughest Montreal enforcers of the 1960s served as Team Canada'72 assistant coach.

KhatulevImpressions: Khatulev
The first ever Russian player to be drafted by an NHL team remains one of the most controversial figures in Soviet hockey.

Team Canada Impressions: Team Canada: Were They Really the Best in Canada'72?
Canadian players' legendary status through the statistical analysis of the NHL teams and players performance in the Season '71-72.

Team USSRImpressions: Team USSR: Were They Really the Best in Russia'72?
They won the Olympics in Sapporo and lost WC in Prague in 1972. Comprehensive review of the Soviet players through the major tournaments statistics in the Season '71-72.

   On-Line References:
- NHL Season '71-72:
Final Standings and Playoff Results | Season Awards
- NHL '71-72 Top 10 Stats:
  Goals | Assists | Points | PIM

- USSR Elite League 1971-1972:
Final Standings |All Stars | Best Troika | Season MVP |
Scoring Leaders: Goals | Points
- USSR at International Tournaments:
Olympics'72 | World Championship'72

----- May 2002 --------------------

SindenImpressions: Sinden
Team Canada'72 head coach is considered one of the most outstanding personalities in the pro hockey history.

USSR Impressions: Team USSR
The best team of the "Golden Age" of the Soviet hockey shows high individual ranking in the all-time top lists.

   On-Line References:
All-time Top 10 Best Russian Players
- 1972 Team USSR Members in the IIHF Hall of Fame
   Top Soviet Scoring Lists:
- Club 100, Bobrov's Club, Top 75 Scorers

Team Canada Impressions: Team Canada
The classiest team in the history of Canadian hockey scores high in the NHL All-Time Top 100 stats.

   On-Line References:
Team Canada Players in HHOF in Toronto
1972 Team Canada Members in the IIHF Hall of Fame
   Team Canada 1972 Players in the NHL Top 100 Career:

Points, Goals, Assists, Games

   Team Rosters (revised):
   Team Canada | Team Russia

----- March - April 2002 --------------------

   The Summit in 1972 (Phase 1)
The site makes its debut on March 30, 2002. The main on-line sections of the site feature the Impressions; Team Canada and USSR rosters with detailed players' biographies, stats and 1972 Summit performance reviews; complete Game Summaries, interactive Top Summit Stats, Link sand References, and more outlined in the site navigation.

TarasovImpressions: Tarasov
Legendary Red Army and Soviet team coach, Anatoly Tarasov was the founder of the Soviet hockey school.

BobrovImpressions: Bobrov
Legendary Russian player and Team USSR captain, Vsevolod Bobrov was the Soviet head coach at the 1972 Summit.

KulaginImpressions: Kulagin
One of the most established Russian coaches, Boris Kulagin coached Team USSR in September 1972.

OzerovImpressions: Ozerov
The legend of the Soviet broadcasting, Nikolay Ozerov made the 1972 Summit Series one of the most fascinating TV spectacles in Russia.

----- February 2002 --------------------

  Introducing the Summit in 1972 Project
The first announcement about the 30th Anniversary of the 1972 Summit Series at