The Summit in 1972: The Series

NOTE: This section of the Summit in 1972 project features mini-articles about the Series and its impact overall. Like everything else produced by the Digital Me-Mix, most of these writings represent strictly its author's personal point of view.


Team CanadaThe 1972 Summit In the History Of Russian Hockey
The series is ranked as the third most important event in the Russian hockey history of the 20th century.

Team CanadaVladislav Tretiak: Best Games
The first game in Montreal was ranked as the best game by one of the best goaltenders of the 20th century.

Hockey CardsHockey Cards: Made in USSR
Phil Esposito was ranked higher than Bobby Clarke.

Hockey CardsIt's a Wrap
Over 17,000 fans from 67 countries joined the site while celebrating the 30th Anniversary in September 2002.

Hockey CardsThe Summit in 1974
On-line tribute to the defunct hockey league, hockey legends and almost forgotten Summit Series that followed the '72 encounter.

Hockey CardsThe Best Hockey Lines
The line or "troyka" phenomenon was the key ingredient of Russian hockey.

Hockey CardsShadrin Has Scored For Russia!
by Kevin Sylvester
What was the real call for THE GOAL by Foster Hewitt? And how did the '72 Summit change Don Cherry's tune? Kevin Sylvester says it all in his book.

SidelnikovChallenge Cup 1979
Instead of the regular mid-season '79 NHL All Stars game, Team NHL was challenged by the Soviet national team in this historical tournament.

Team CanadaThe 1972 Summit In the History Of Canada
Henderson's goal in Game 8 was voted as the 8th most important news event in Canadian history overall and Team Canada'72 was named the Team of the 20th Century.

ShowbusinessWelcome to Showbusiness, Comrades!
The first unforgettable lessons were learned prior to the first face-off of the Series.

Passion on IcePassion on Ice
by Michael Joyce
The outcome of the Series was the biggest defeat the USSR ever suffered in the sporting arena and the greatest victory in Canadian sports.

Dont Cry for Russian Hockey Don't Cry for Russian Hockey
by Klauss Zaugg
Can you imagine how hockey would look today if we had never had the Russians? It may sound like an oxymoron... but thank God for the Big Red Machine.

Dont Cry for Russian Hockey Hockey vs. Hockey
by Artur Sedov
An original digital artwork inspired by the '72 Summit.

Hockey CardsTeam USSR: All Head Coaches, 1954-2003
An historical overview of all Russian head coaches' performance in the top international tournaments.

SidelnikovSuper Series 1975-76
CSKA and Krylya Sovetov Moscow in a historical tournament vs. top NHL clubs of the 1970s.

by Various Contributors
Selected unedited quotes and sayings by and about hockey personalities with NO COMMENTS.

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