The Summit in 1972: Personalities

NOTE: This section of the Summit in 1972 project features mini-articles about the key personalities associated with the Series. Like everything else produced by the Digital Me-Mix, most of these writings represent strictly its author's personal point of view.


Vsevolod BobrovBOBROV
Legendary Russian player and Team USSR captain, Vsevolod Bobrov was the Soviet head coach at the 1972 Summit (USSR)

Boris KulaginKULAGIN
One of the most established Russian coaches, Boris Kulagin coached Team USSR in September 1972 (USSR)

Anatoly TarasovTARASOV
Legendary coach of the Red Army club and Soviet national team, Anatoly Tarasov was considered the founder of the Soviet hockey school (USSR)

One of the founders of the Russian hockey did the scouting report on Team Canada 1972 (USSR)

Legendary coach of the 1980s was among many scholars of the game during the Summit (USSR)

by Craig Wallace
Player, coach, manager, Father Bauer was the key contributor to Canadian amateur and international hockey (Canada)

by Boris Mayorov
A uniques view on the legends of the Soviet hockey coaching by the insider of the Soviet national team (USSR)

Harry SindenSINDEN
Team Canada'72 head coach is considered one of the most outstanding personalities in the pro hockey history (Canada)

Harry SindenFERGUSON
One of the toughest Montreal enforcers of the 1960s, John Ferguson served as Team Canada'72 assistant coach (Canada)

Once the most powerful hockey tycoon, he was the key Canadian impresario that midwived the Summit in 1972 (Canada)

Nikolay OzerovOZEROV
The legend of the Soviet broadcasting, Nikolay Ozerov made the 1972 Summit one of the most fascinating TV spectacles in Russia (USSR)

The first ever Russian player to be drafted by an NHL team remains one of the most controversial figures in Soviet hockey (USSR)

Fascinating Russian hockey legend dominated the list of the most valuable Soviet players of the 1970s (USSR)

Kharlamov TREMBLAY
by Mike Wyman
"He's got 5 Cups. I've only got 4," said Gordie Howe on the fact that Tremblay wasn't already enshrined in the HHoF (Canada)

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