"The clash between the two teams created high drama that has never been matched. "

    Alexander Yakushev

"We didn't get rich but we played our hearts out and can be proud of the mark we made. "

    Alexander Ragulin


Summit 72

Major World Events 0f 1972
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- The U.S.A.-U.S.S.R. Summit meeting in Moscow
- Terrorists murder 11 people at the 1972 Olympics in Munich
- Britain takes direct control over Northern Ireland
- US President Nixon visits China
- SALT Agreement
- Congressman Ford is sworn in as US Vice President
- Managua is leveled by an earthquake


Personalities Top Russian Sports Lists
of the 20th Century
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   Top Russian Hockey Events

USSR  1-2. First USSR Championship in 1947
  1-2. Triumphant Debut at the WC'54
  3. 1972 USSR vs. CANADA SUMMIT
  4. 1963-1971 Consecutive World Titles
  5. 1979 Challenge Cup and 1981 Canada Cup
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   Top 10 Athletes in Russian Sports



1. Lev Yashin, soccer
2. Alexander Karelin, wrestling
3. Vladislav TRETIAK, hockey
4. Garri Kasparov, chess
5. Valery Kharlamov, hockey
6. Vladimir Salnikov, swimming
7. Alexander Tikhonov, biathlon
8. Yevgeny Kafelnikov, tennis
9. Valery Brumel, track and field
10. Eduard Streltsov, soccer

   Top 10 Athletes in World Sports

1. Pele, Brasil, soccer
2. Alexander Karelin, Russia, wrestling
3. Muhammad Ali, USA, boxing
4. Lev Yashin, Russia, soccer
5. Michael Jordan, USA, basketball
6. Wayne Gretzky, Canada, hockey
7. Carl Lewis, USA, track and field
Tretiak8. Garri Kasparov, Russia, chess
9. Vladislav TRETIAK,
    Russia, hockey
10. Sergey Bubka, Ukraine, track and field

  Best Games by Vladislav Tretiak

 No. 1. 1972 USSR vs. Canada Summit, Game 1
USSR vs. Canada, 7-3 in Montreal, Sept. 2, 1972
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  Note: Top Russian Hockey Events List is based on the ranking by the Soviet Sports Daily; Top 10 Athletes Lists are based on the Sport Express Daily readers' feedback.

The 1972 Summit In the Russian Hockey History

Historically, Russia is the youngest among the world elite hockey teams. However, Russian hockey has an outstanding history with numerous Olympics' and world titles. Although the Soviet team didn't manage to win the 1972 Summit Series overall, the Series is known as one of the major events on the Russian hockey timeline.

In Canada, the millennium polls by the Canadian Press named Team Canada 1972 as the "Team of the Century." The 1972 Summit was voted as the 8th among the overall Top Canadian News Events of the 20th Century. In December 1999, Team Canada'72 was honored at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto as the greatest team of the century.

In Russia, the 1972 Summit is also rated as one of the top sports events of the 20th Century. In its outline of major hockey events in the Russian and Soviet hockey history, the Soviet Sports Daily, one of the oldest Russian sports publications, ranked the 1972 Summit Series as the 3rd most important event of the 20th century.

Team USSR 1972 stars, Valery Kharlamov and Vladislav Tretiak were selected to the Top Russian Athletes of the 20th Century. Game 1 in Montreal was ranked as No. 1 on the Vladislav Tretiak's list of the Best Games.

Unlike in Canada, it's hard to expect the 1972 Summit high ranking among the top news stories of the 20th century in Russia. Obviously, since the Soviet Union was a part of major Cold War confrontations, there is no surprise that the hockey Summit doesn't make it to the top Russian political and social events of the past millennium. The 1972 Summit is rather regarded as one of the main sports events than a political venture of the Cold War times.


On a personal level, I think that the Summit in 1972 was the hockey event that caused the biggest changes in the game ever. Despite the fact that the Soviets were defeated, their distinct style won its deserved world recognition. I guess that sometimes we learn more from our losses than we do from our wins. Team USSR accomplished more than anyone expected by earning respect in the homeland of hockey and among legendary NHL players and game experts.

Today, Russian and European players are regarded as major contributors to the NHL talent pool. Some of them even reached the status of the NHL stars. Three decades ago, it seemed impossible. Prior to the 1972 Summit, no one believed that any Russian or European hockey player or team could challenge North Americans in the NHL. It seems to me that the 1972 Summit was the one that broke the wall that separated the NHL "planet" from the other world.