All-Time Top 10 Soviet Players at the Olympics
Ranked by the IIHF (2002)



Player | Career | Position | Team

1 Tretiak

Vladislav TRETIAK*, G, CSKA, 1968-1984
Rangy, acrobatic and focused, the best goaltender ever spawned by the Soviet system, captured Olympic gold in '72, '76 and '84, adding a silver at Lake Placid.

2 Firsov

Anatoly Firsov, C, CSKA, 1958-1974
Known for his booming slapshot, Firsov might have rivalled Canada's Bobby Hull if he had been permitted to play in the NHL; enjoyed three straight Olympic gold medals from '64 to '72.

3 Fetisov

Slava Fetisov, D, CSKA/New Jersey/Detroit, 1977-1998
Made his name as the top international defenseman of the 1980's; often dubbed an on-ice general, won Olympic gold medals in '84 to '88 and a silver in '80.

4 Davydov

Vitaly Davydov, D, Dynamo Moscow, 1957-1973
A rock-solid defensemen; though smaller than average, played on three golden Olympic squads, highlighting an international career that also included nine consecutive World Championships from '63 to '71.

5 Mikhailov

Boris Mikhailov*, RW, CSKA, 1965-1981
One of the toughest players ever to don the national team colors; won two golds and a silver between '72 and '80.

6 Kharlamov

Valery KHARLAMOV*, LW, CSKA, 1967-1981
A high-speed winger with artistic rare beauty dekes; remains arguably the most revered player in Soviet history after his tragic death in a 1981 car accident; won two golds in '72 and '76 and a silver in '80

7 Makarov

Sergey Makarov, RW, CSKA/Calgary/San Jose, 1976-1998
An offensive wizard with incredible lateral skating and on-ice vision, won Olympic gold medals in '84 to '88, a silver in '80

8 Krutov

Vladimir Krutov, LW, CSKA/Vancouver, 1978-1990
Nicknamed "The Tank"; won two Olympic gold medals in '84 to '88, a silver in '80.

9 Kasatonov

Alexei Kasatonov, D, CSKA/New Jersey/ Anaheim/St. Louis/Boston, 1977-1996
Less renowned than his defensive partner Fetisov, Kasatonov nonetheless excelled in all aspects of the game in the 1980's; won two golds and a silver in Olympic competition.

10 Maltsev

Alexander MALTSEV*, RW, Dynamo Moscow, 1967-1983
A cunning right wing, best remembered in the U.S. for scoring a goal while skating backwards in the USSR's 10-3 win over the USA in an exhibition game at Madison Square Garden shortly before the '80 Olympics; finished his career with two golds and a silver.

* Participated in the 1972 USSR-Canada Summit