Summit 72

Major Russian Hockey Events
of the 20th Cenury

Source: Sovetsky Sport Daily (Russia, 2000)

In the History Of the 20th Century

1-2. Birth of Hockey in USSR in 1947

USSRThe 1st national championship started on Dec 22, 1946. The 1st goal was scored by Arkady Chernyshev and his Dynamo Moscow won the first USSR gold medals.

1-2. Triumphant Debut at the WC'54

USSRThe Soviet team won their first gold medals at their WC debut in Stockholm'54. Team captain, Seva Bobrov won the IIHF Best Forward Award of the tournament.

3. 1972 USSR vs. Canada Summit

USSRThe first series between Canadian NHL pros and Soviet team ever. Team USSR played 8 games against Team Canada at the 1972 Summit.

4. 1963-1972 Consecutive World Titles

USSRLed by legendary Tarasov and Chernyshev, the Soviet team won ALL major international tournaments including 9 WCs and 3 Olympics in a row.

5. Challenge Cup'79 and Canada Cup'81

USSRTeam USSR (coaches Tikhonov and Yurzinov) won the 1979 Challenge Cup against the NHL All Stars Team from Canada, USA and Sweden; and the 1981 Canada Cup.

6-7. Iron Curtain Downfall and Massive Migration of Players to the NHL

USSRTriggered by dramatic changes in Russia, mass escape of the Soviet players to the NHL began. Mogilny's defection in 1989 and departure of Fetisov, Larionov, Krutov, Makarov started the Russian invasion in the NHL.

6-7. Gold Medals at the WC'93

USSRThe 1st (and the only one) WC set of gold medals was won by Russian national team (coaches Mikhailov and Vorobyov) in Germany in 1993.

8. Olympics'98 in Nagano

USSRFor the first time the best NHL talent played at the Olympics. Russian team won silver medals and P.Bure won the Best Forward and Scoring Leader Awards.

9. 1975-76 Super Series

USSRCSKA and Krylya Sovetov played in the 1st series against the best NHL teams on the club level. Overall, the Soviet teams won 5, tied 1 and lost 2 games.

10. Downfall of CSKA

USSRThe Soviet hockey powerhouse (32 national champs, 20 European Champions Cups) lost its leadership in Russia and split into 2 teams (CSKA and HK CSKA) in 1996.

11. End of Moscow Hockey Supremacy

USSRFir the 1st time, Moscow hockey was left without gold medals when Lada won championship in 1994. In 1997, Moscow teams were unable to capture any medal of the national championship.

12. Bobrov's Record

USSRLegendary Bobrov scored 10 goals against Dynamo Leningrad in the Season 1950-51. This outstanding national record remains unbeaten.

13. Tragic Death of the VVS Team

USSRIn Jan 1950, Team VVS died in a plane crash. The VVS players constituted the backbone of the Moscow and national USSR hockey teams.

14. Team Moscow vs LTC Czechoslovakia games in 1948

USSRIn Feb 1948, Team Moscow played their first international games against the LTC Prague at the Dynamo Stadium in Moscow.

15. Last Russian Victory in the 20th Century

USSRThe Russian national team won their last 20th century hockey tournament at the Baltika Cup in December 2000.