Team USSR 1972:
Were Are They Now?

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By many accounts, the Soviet team in 1972 is considered one of the best representatives of the Russian hockey ever. Due to dramatic events in Russia in the the last decade, most players went through radical changes in their lives. This section offers a quick view on its team members post players' career and their today's whereabouts. Collecting this information is an on-going process. If you have any info or updates for Team USSR 1972: Where Are They Now, please contact The Summit in 1972.



    The Summit in 1972: Where Are They Now?

Personalities  TEAM USSR 1972:
 Post Players' Career notes
 All team members are listed in the jersey numbers' order

Victor Zinger
#1, Goaltender.
Died in 2013.

Alexander Gusev
#2, Defenseman.

Vladimir Lutchenko
#3, Defenseman.
Scouts for NY Rangers.

Viktor Kuzkin
#4, Defenseman.
Died in 2008.

Alexander Ragulin #5, Defenseman.
Workred as the President of the Association of Russian Hockey Veterans.
Died in 2004.

Valery Vasiliev
#6, Defenseman.
Died in 2012.

Gennady Tsygankov
#7, Defenseman.
Worked as Assistant General Manager of the Youth Hockey Program in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Died in 2006.  

Vyacheslav Starshinov
#8, C Forward.
Engineering School Dean and Vice President of HK Spartak Moscow.

Yuri Blinov
#9, LW Forward.

Alexander Maltsev
#10, RW/C Forward.
President of HK Russian Gold veterans' team.

Yevgeny Zimin
#11, RW Forward.
Scouts for Philadelphia Flyers.

Yevgeny  Mishakov #12, LW Forward.
Died in 2007.

Boris Mikhailov
#13, RW Forward.
Head coach of SKA St. Petersburg, Russian Super League.

Yuri Shatalov
#14, Defense

Alexander Yakushev
#15, LW Forward.
Assistant coach of Russian national team.


Vladimir Petrov
#16, C Forward.
Served as the Russian Hockey Federation President and the Hockey Stars Foundation Chairman.

Valery Kharlamov
#17, LW Forward.
Died in 1981 (car accident)

Vladimir Vikulov
#18, RW Forward.
Died in 2013.

Vladimir Shadrin
#19, C Forward.
Vice President of HK Spartak Moscow.

Vladislav Tretiak
#20, Goaltender.
Goalie coach for the Russian national team and Chicago Black Hawks.

Vyacheslav Solodukhin
#21, C Forward;
Died in 1979 (suicide)

Vyacheslav Anisin
#22, C Forward.
Assistant Coach of Krylya Sovetov Moscow.

Yuri Lebedev
#23, RW Forward.
President of Krylya Sovetov Moscow.

Alexander Bodunov
#24, LW Forward.

Yuri Liapkin
#25, Defenseman.
General Manager of Krylia Sovietov.

Yevgeny Poladiev
#26, Defenseman.
Died in 2010.

Alexander Sidelnikov #27, Goaltender.
Died in 2003.

Alexander Martynyuk
#29, RW Forward.

Alexander Volchkov
#30, C Forward.

Vsevolod Bobrov
Head Coach.
Died in 1979.

Boris Kulagin
Assistant Coach.
Died in 1988.