"If Tarasov had been our coach, he would have noticed our over confidence. But Bobrov wasn't very experienced as a coach and he didn't see that our team was 'swimming in glory'. We weren't training as hard as before. A few of our players even left our training sessions to visit their wives for a while! That had never happened before."

Vladislav Tretiak



TEAM USSR Players in 1972:
Facts and Stats

  USSR Elite League 1971-72:
- Champion: CSKA Moscow
- USSR Cup Winner: Dynamo Moscow

  International Tournaments:
- Olympics'72 in Sapporo, Japan: USSR (1)
- WC'72 in Prague, Czechoslovakia: USSR (2)
- WJC'72: USSR (2)
- Izvestia Cup: USSR (1)
- European Champions Cup: CSKA Moscow


Team USSR: Were They Really the Best In Russia'72?

   TEAM USSR 1972:
   Season 1971-72
   Facts and Stats

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Unlike most of the Impressions's articles, this section skips author's personal comments in favor of statistics.

Prior to the Series, the Soviet squad managed to win the Olympic gold medals in Sapporo and silver medals in the dramatic competition against the Czechoslovakian team at the WC'72 in Prague; went through a radical coaching change when Tarasov and Chernyshev were replaced by Bobrov and Kulagin.

One of the questions that the 1972 Summit researchers are constantly asking is whether the coaching changes and absence of several world-class players affected the performance of the Soviets in the 1972 Summit Series. Obviously, the Olympic Champions Igor Romishevsky, Vitaly Davydov and, especially, Anatoly Firsov could have been a powerful addition to the Soviet team in the 1972 Summit. The reasons they didn't play in the Series go way beyond the subject matter of this section of the Impressions. It's rather a statistical snapshot of Team USSR persformance prior to the first series played against the NHL stars in 1972.