"I don't think we had the best team possible. It would have been nice to have Bobby Orr in the lineup, and the other players like Bobby Hull. I think the best Team Canada was put together in '76 when we won the Canada Cup."

Serge Savard

"Personally, I think there is only one WHA player who would be of any help to us against the Russians: Bobby Hull. The others are great players, but we already have thirty-five."

Ken Dryden



NHL Season '71-72 Facts and Stats

  NHL Regular Season:
- East Division: Boston Bruins (119 PTS)
- West Division: Chicago Blackhawks (107 PTS)

  Stanley Cup Finals:
Boston Bruins vs. New York Rangers
Boston Bruins win championship 4 games to 2


Team Canada: Were They Really the Best In Canada'72?

The question on whether the 35 individuals selected by Harry Sinden to play for Team Canada'72 were the best pro hockey players belongs to the rhetoric ones. Obviously, the Summit was won and the 1972 Team Canada is arguably one of the classiest legendary teams ever representing Canada.


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However, hockey historians and participants of the Series often mention several players that could have been a significant addition to the 1972 roster. First of all, players that didn't have the NHL contracts were not allowed to play. Such world-class players as Bobby Hull, Gerry Cheevers, J.C. Tremblay that signed their WHA contracts were not able to play. Some players had other priorities than playing in the Series. On the other hand, there was a competition between the 35 selected players for the ice time. When it came to the dramatic point when Team Canada was on the edge of losing the Series, Sinden narrowed his roster down to the players that, in his opinion, were in a better shape to compete with the exceptionally well performing Soviet team.

Without suggesting direct answers to the initial question, this section of the Impressions at the Summit in 1972 features the statistical analysis of the NHL team and players performance in the 1971-1972 Season.