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by Various Contributors

The IgnoRama section of The Summit in 1972 web site features a collection of quotes and sayings by various hockey personalities. Most of these sayings need no comments. So, whatever it's worth, here goes the IGNORAMA or No Comments section of the site.


What was the Europeans' contribution to hockey?
The helmet, the visor, the dive...
Don Cherry

There was an incident in game seven that was widely reported. I gave Valeri Kharlamov a tap on his sore ankle with my stick and he missed the final game. When journalist Dick Beddoes asked me about it, calling my shot "a wicked two-hander," I simply told him, "Dick, if I hadn't learned to lay on a two-hander once in a while, I'd never have left Flin Flon."
Bobby Clarke

He has always been a colourful and exciting ambassador for our country. To quote Victor Hugo: King of the Peak and Glacier, King of the cold, white scalps, He lifts his head at that close tread, The Eagle of the Alps.
Introduction of Alan Eagleson at The Empire Club of Canada

It was easy for the Commies to hide. They just put the subs in the corner. Everybody knows Swedes don't go into corners.
Don Cherry
After the Soviet submarines
entered the Stockholm harbor.

After that series there was all the talk about the Russian skill, the Russian passing and all this kind of stuff, but the reality of it is that the Russians had to change to the North American style before they could compete with us. They lost in '72; they lost in '76. The Russians, for all the great skills they supposedly had, didn't beat us very often.
Bobby Clarke

One of the officials came into the locker room before the game to tell us that Lloyd Gilmour was refereeing the game that night and wanted us to play our game, I knew this was going to be fun.
Dave "The Hammer" Schultz
About the Flyers vs. Red Army game of the
Super Series '75-76


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