Hockey Retrospective

Watch and Listen. Remember and Learn.

This section presents an educational multimedia library of mini clips featuring unforgettable historical moments, hockey legends, commentaries and game analysis by guest speakers including legendary players, coaches and sports writers.


The Hockey Retrospective consists of two major self-explanatory parts: VIEW (collection of visual materials) and LISTEN (collection of audio materials)

With all these said, we hope you will enjoy watching and listening to historical media clips featuring Phil Esposito, Vladislav Tretiak, Paul Henderson, Valery Kharlamov, Bobby Hull, Father David Bauer, Vsevolod Bobrov, Victor Tikhonov and more international hockey legends in the unforgettable competitions of the past.

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Notes: Due to various considerations and web banwidth limitations, this site provides educational and hockey history research preview of only one mini web clip per day. The Hockey Retrospective requires Flash 6 player for viewing. Depending on the speed of your connection to the Internet, we would recommend to make a distinction between LOW BANDWIDTH and HIGH BANDWIDTH launch options. For the full coverage of the Summit, please watch ESPN Classic Canada or consider purchasing the 1972 Summit DVD or video sets.

Our special thanks go to the Vintage Hockey Videos, Leonid Makarovsky Video Studio and the Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century for the original footage of the 1972 Summit Series and major international hockey competitions.