Not a Day Without an Art: Chidlovski Blog Preview

About Chidlovski Blog

Chidlovski Blog is an eclectic blog about history and sports, about theater and television, about photography and filmmaking, about new technologies and gadgets, about topics that are interesting to me.

Unlike most projects by, it is my first web-based project written in Russian. In many ways, it is an experimental venture because most of my web projects were in English and were custom made from the bottom up. In the case of this blog, I switched to the language I grew up with and I am using a Live Journal technical platform and social network to do the blogging. I don't have to worry about front-end and back-end work, just focusing my attention on the content.

The first postings were published in the Fall of 2009 and I've been contributing to this adventure since then.

Despite potential language barriers, the blog is highly graphical. It is very creative and published on almost daily basis. They say a picture is worth a housand words. How about a thousand pictures?

Two thumbs up! Higly recommended!

Well worth a pleasant visit, isn't it!